Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual simulations and validation of automated equipment ensure that the equipment will function as expected. In addition, installation costs and the time it takes to get the system up and running will be significantly reduced.                                                              .

Virtual commissioning can be done in a digital design environment in the office, instead of using expensive prototypes or a real machine on the jobsite. Extensive testing using a machine model detects and corrects design and function errors, significantly speeding up actual commissioning.

Problems during actual commissioning take time and increase personnel and material costs, especially in the case of international projects. But with virtual commissioning, all components can be tested safely and without the involvement of customer personnel. This thorough verification greatly reduces the risk of errors or defects occurring on the real machine.

After commissioning, the machine should run as smoothly and without downtime as possible. Optimization or upgrades require access to the machine, which is not always possible. Thanks to the digital twin of a real machine, all activities are validated without stopping the machine, which reduces downtime to a minimum.

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