Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing technologies link systems and processes across all areas of production to create an integrated approach to manufacturing, from design to production and on to the servicing of the final products.

The use of complex digital twins makes it possible to integrate the entire product life cycle, and, if necessary, even the production life cycle. Real-world performance data forms a continuous open loop for both product and production optimization.

Such a complex digital twin integrates all the necessary components, incl. a digital twin of a building that can be used to optimize productivity and efficiency in energy and physical production infrastructure.

Digital flows form a development map based on specific business processes. They combine the tasks and processes of the entire product and manufacturing lifecycle in the digital plane to solve emerging problems. Digital streams bring processes to the digital world and offer revolutionary ways to design, manufacture and optimize products.

Digital Enterprise brings together processes that were not connected in any way before. This solution breaks down traditional barriers and bridges the gap between software and hardware, IT and OT, the shop floor and executive offices.

There is tremendous potential for optimization here, including technologies such as AI for predictive maintenance, accurate condition monitoring and quality improvement.

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