Some Projects completed by U&X consultants:

System software development

  • Developed and implemented Linux OS network based imaging and deployment system
  • Developed and implemented Linux network based disaster recovery backup and restore system
  • Developed and implemented Linux deployment configuration system for core system services including network, DNS, NIS, NTP, SMTP, NFS, SNMP, SSH, SUDO, SYSLOG, NETWORKER, and Nagios.


Datacenter migration from Chicago to Edinburgh (hardware and network infrastructure were provided by third parties)

  • Helped to design new hardware, network, and software infrastructure (~240 servers in two datacenters)
  • Created from a scratch various Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 5 OS images (32 and 64 bit) including base images, WebSphere, DMZ, and Oracle images.
  • Deployed Red Hat images to ~140 Linux servers using the custom deployment system
  • Designed and implemented core system network services including DNS, NIS, NTP, and SMTP
  • Designed and implemented IP space, DNS naming space, load balancing rules, DMZ rules (design only).


Application software development

  • Developed second generation of Document Storage Service (DSS) application – a multi-site distributed highly redundant document storage system accessible via HTTP protocol. Primary goal was to add features required by Imaging Workflow (IWF) application, for example, keeping some document attributes in addition to images, deleting and updating images, partitioning storage based on customer domain, client application authentication, etc. DSS Java Library API has been also developed.
  • Helped to integrate IWF application and DSS (including IWF migrating from storing documents in legacy database to storing documents in DSS).


Supply Chain Portal (formerly Maxtrad application suit)

  • Enhancements, maintenance and support of the web based international trade portal.
  • Support of the bank merge and acquisition process: data center migration; system’s integration; re-branding and renaming.


SCP Payment Request Module

  • Streamlined and simplified process of generating payment requests by abstracting diverse sources (invoices, shipment notes and warehouse receipts) of payment requests to generic concept of payable items. Implemented and automated the uniform workflow for the generation of Payment requests.


Access Direct Integration

  • Implemented automated payment services for the Supply Chain Portal.


GTF Integration

  • Implemented automated business loan processing solution. Integrated loan-processing systems from the different business units.



  • Designed and implemented security services for the payment process. Integrated third party security system (ActiveIdentity Fortress) into existing applications.



  • Designed and implemented regulation’s compliance solution for the SCP. Integrated third party regulation’s compliance validation engine (Fircosoft).


Lockbox Data Warehouse

  • Designed and created a Data Warehouse for Wholesale and Retail data processing, storage and retrieving. It allowed the bank to consolidate all different types of transactions for thousands corporate customers in one central location with capabilities to store data virtually indefinitely and provide customers with a high speed secure access to their transactions, documents and reports.
  • Dozens of internal and external systems were integrated to the Data Warehouse and providing new, never existed before, services to bank’s clients.


Reporting systems

  • Designed and developed applications for data (including document images) retrieving and report generation in different output formats (PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, etc.), and for different types of presentation (online, CD/DVD, hard copy, paging/emailing, etc.).


Print on Demand

  • Architected, designed and developed an automated “Print on Demand” system, which allowed operations to retrieve, process and print tens of thousands customers’ check images per shift.


Data Warehouse APIs

  • Designed and implemented a set of APIs to Data Warehouse that were used by other bank applications to insert and retrieve data and images.



  • Architected, designed and developed a dynamic high speed highly available PDF reports creation application for online retrieval through eStatements UI.



  • CashPro System offers clients’ diverse working capital needs by delivering a simplified, personalized Web experience that provides secure and convenient access to a broad range of treasury management, investment, debt and trade services through one portal. CashPro Web tools perform critical cash management activities quickly, conveniently and reliably.
    This complex system implemented with most advanced technologies including Sun/Solaris and HP/Linux operating environments combined with robust SANS storage devices (Network Appliance) and high performance broadband networks.
  • CachPro Application layer based on IBM WebSphere/MQ and Oracle Database platform, top industry standards on the IT market. Those most modern IT solutions designed and supported by the team of degreed and very experienced professionals, certified in all above tools and skills including Cisco, Solaris, HP, NetApp, Linux, Oracle, WebSphere, MQ and many other related areas.



  • Online Portal for Independent Insurance agents: Policy quote, issuance and data analytics



  • Automated tools and Web portal to facilitate clinical trials
  • Automated cardiogram analysis tools


Royal Bank of Scotland:

  • Trade Finance Channel Maxtrad system handles traditional trade and Open-account Transactions (Supply Chain Finance) multiple payment interfaces including SWIFT/Bolero
  • Mobile applications: Online Banking, Internal App Store, Retail Client Analytics with SAS backend. Board meeting manager/document repository
  • Trade Data Warehouse, Imaging workflow/Archive



  • Digital advertising platform capturing consumer feedback and experience
  • Data analytics and penetration tracking



  • Video subscription Portal with enhanced playback utilities for special pay per view event distribution
  • Celebrity portal communities



  • Financial projection and accounting systems development and customization for DBG (domestic brokerage divison.


Production Support Activities:

  • Implemented and maintained Corporate Standards for full application deployment process, including Development/User Acceptance/Pre-Production/Production environments for numerous projects
  • Performed WebSphere (WAS5) Based application deployments & infrastructure support for Maxtrad project, JACL scripting
  • Designed, Installed and supported UNIX Standard Environment based on Solaris 2.8, SSH, Oracle 8, 9, Veritas FS, Veritas Cluster Solution, Web Sphere and Apache/Jakarta for java-based application
  • Supported OS and application patches, deployments & conversions
  • Preformed troubleshooting of network services related issues (NIS/LDAP/DNS) & configuration
  • Wrote system maintenance and project deployment/support documentation & schedules
  • Installed and supported live production environments for major bank transaction processing, like money wires and checks stop-payment subsystems
  • Wrote application maintenance scripts and utilities (Veritas agents for Cluster Solution) using Korn Shell
  • Designed and implemented Standard ESS application environment layout and configuration
  • Implemented and supported Standard ESS (Internal) Certificate Authority (CA) policy and environment;